Chris Ianuzzi – “Edge of the Earth”


Successful electro-minded experimentation continues to succeed from NYC artist Chris Ianuzzi, whose latest single “Edge of the Earth” proves riveting in its blend of industrial synth-pop and moody post-punk. The track releases alongside a heady music video, designed using AI tools Stable Diffusion and Deforum.

“The song and video are inspired by the state of our planet with regards to the political as well as the natural atmospheric conditions that we are living in,” Ianuzzi explains. “It all looks like the apocalypse, almost biblical at times. It’s difficult not to feel this when watching the news.”

“The video//song move through different human conditions, dancing as there is nothing left to do. Singing but no one knows what song to sing. We are all hoping for the best result. The video has a visual display of synthesizers and technical objects, this can be looked at as a personal take as well as my own image.”

The track’s first minute evolves with charismatic tonal variety. A dreamy, spacey spell takes hold with gradual trickles with serene color, escalating into a bouncier charisma after the 30-second turn. Murky, ominous vocal injections signal a sturdy rhythmic pulse with the post-punk inspiration, as the vocals attain an ardent grip upon the “at the edge of the earth!” proclamation and then the eerie sci-fi synth interweaving. “Edge of The Earth” is yet another creatively intriguing, atmospheric showcase from Ianuzzi.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of August 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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