Nick Shadel – “Standing Still”


Seattle-based composer/songwriter Nick Shadel delivers an emotional, melodic rock sound on the track “Standing Still,” via the newly released album Oblivion. The initial lyrics hint at a self-discovery reckoning, and emphasizing on a sense of “standing still,” and complacency. “We’re the only ones standing still,” Shadel lets out as piano infusions add cohesively. “I’ll give you anything for some peace of mind.”

Heavy guitar pulses and glistening piano intertwine beautifully at the track’s mid-point, emphasizing the production’s stirring soundscape. A twinkling, nostalgic character gears into a rousing guitar solo thereafter, buzzing with invigoration. “Standing Still” is a rewarding structural journey from Shadel, spanning from dreamy introspection to concluding guitar-forward escalation.

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