DECEITS – “Every Promise”


Los Angeles-based band DECEITS showcase their bustling post-punk vigor on “Every Promise,” the second single from their forthcoming debut album. Per the band, the track “tells a story about love and loss, with the sharp realization that you only have yourself to blame.”

Moody guitars quickly move into a reverberating rhythmic accompaniment; the steady bass line and nocturnal guitar lines concoct ample ’80s post-punk nostalgia. The vocals exude a charismatic energy, particularly upon the escalated “for every rose I meant for you,” passion; this delivery alongside the heavy rhythmic pushes and atmospheric guitars fondly recalls one of the act’s chief influences: The Cure, and particularly their early ’80s era. This stylish success has us excited for DECEITS’ upcoming debut album.

Artwork & Design by Kevin Kyoto. Logo by Sean McCormack.

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