The Dandys – ‘Sex and Feuds’ EP


The Brisbane/Meanjin-based rockers The Dandys excel with a climactic sound on their Sex and Feuds EP. Described by the act as “basically all about growing up and learning how to respond to all the things life inevitably throws your way,” Sex and Feuds unveils a melodic rock pull amidst efforts that range from the dreamy vulnerability of “Broke Me Down” to the present-embracing rock of riveting closer “Gums.”

Opener “Falling” establishes a captivating momentum with its alternations between bass-fronted contemplation and jangling rock rises. “I’ve been waiting on something,” the vocals let out aptly. “Something to change.” The “did I push too hard?” questioning rouses in its heavier guitar accompaniment and lush wordless vocal touches; the hooky energy is wholly apparent here, falling into delectably atmospheric guitar lines thereafter. The EP kicks off in satiating form with “Falling.”

The initially understated charm of “Broke Me Down” showcases the band’s dreamier leanings, echoing a dream-pop composure in the glistening keys and “you brought me down,” angst. Assemblage of bass and eventual guitar distortion complements a desire to “never fall in love again,” — serving as a centerpiece on a riveting track capturing the aftermath of destructive relationship. The subsequent “State of Mind” follows in poignant form; thunderous guitar distortion complements a self-apprehension, admitting they’re “trying to figure it out,” amidst melodic guitar swells — exuding an anthemic allure reminiscent of Wolf Alice.

“Temporary Fix” embraces the rock spectrum wholeheartedly, unleashing a steady onslaught of guitar distortion and “fuck!” lyrical frustrations. A serene bridge at the three-minute mark diversifies enjoyably, though the track as a whole unleashes a fervent captivation with its heavy rock spell. This traverses into captivating closer “Gums,” lamenting “I don’t think I got the charm or the patience to get it right,” with a bluesy snarl. The track’s carpe-diem anthemic appeal closes this EP in stellar form, unleashing a debonair rock catharsis with steady escalating intrigue.

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