Barbara – “Currents”


Excelling in both its initial dreaminess and eventual thunderous psych-rock textures, “Currents” is a riveting track from Denver-based band Barbara. Released today alongside a beautiful video featuring stop-motion footage, “Currents” captivates with its free-flowing build. Beginning lyrics reflect “drifting away from mediocrity,” amidst a steady bass line. The rhythm section becomes gradually accompanied by playful keys and bursting guitars, ascending to a soaring synth-laden buzzing.

Past the three-minute turn, “Currents” adventures into a sprawling psych-rock realm with blistering guitar sludge and more intense percussion. This section is thoroughly hypnotic and engrossing, reminding at points of Spiritualized. The lead-in back to the dreamier composure plays effortlessly, concluding “Currents” in a stellar showcase of its tonally eclectic successes.

The band elaborates on the track:

“”Currents” initially started from the guitar line heard in the choruses and outro. The dreamy quality of this line and chord progression led us to sculpt the song around the idea of peaceful surrender, using the imagery of floating down a river. Although there is some serenity in the guitar line, the driving, persistent groove throughout and heavier middle section gives the song forceful energy, much like the power of a river. Lyrically, it centers around the acceptance of the uncertainty and transience of life.”

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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