ghost prom – “5am”


A rousing alt-rock success, “5am” is a recent track from ghost prom, the Hudson Valley-based husband/wife duo of Cameron and Eden Crosby. They describe the effort as “about a journey through the complexities of addition: the internal battle, the struggle with self-doubt, and the eventual surrender to truth that leads to a path of healing.”

Crunchy guitar bounces drive into a melodic vocal clarity, declaring “it’s 5AM and the fog rolls in,” with vivid, contemplative allure. “I told you that I would change,” the duo lets out in unison. “And I must have told you that a thousand ways.” The warming guitar distortion and lushly melodic dual-vocal charm plays with engrossing impact into twangy guitars at the track’s mid-point.

“This life’s worth a try, so I wipe away my crying eyes,” represents a particularly impactful section, as one looks at their own reflection in the mirror and ponders the importance of relationships — and now expressing “it’s different,” in striving for self-betterment, upon this meaningful reflection. “5am” is a powerful showing from ghost prom, who channel a ’90s rock nostalgia amidst introspective, gripping lyrics.

“5am” was released via Indiana-based Indie label Wally Opus Record, and precedes the band’s upcoming full-length, out November 17th.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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