little bit – “long drive”


Strutting a melodic blend of hypnotic rock and intimate singer/songwriter charm, “long drive” is the latest track from little bit, the solo project of Hannah Liuzzo. Now based in California, Liuzzo made waves previously in the Boston DIY scene, fronting the pop band Lilith.

“long drive” represents the first single from the project’s upcoming EP, Talk a Blue Streak. The track is described as “about breaking up — with a city, with a version of yourself, with a past identity, from the ‘known’ — and being willing to trust that whatever’s around the bend will be fruitful, even if there’s pain in the process.”

The themes persist with organic intent, drawn from Liuzzo’s recent experiences hopping between the coasts — jumping between Oregon, California, and Boston. A cross-country move in itself is daunting, and its obstacles also can prove symbolic of personal growth spurred by uncertainties. Quaint guitars and vocals initially yearn for “greener pastures,” while noting “I should know better than this,” while envisioning utopia.

“If you watch the weather then I’ll do whatever on a long, long drive,” Liuzzo sings into resonating guitar buzzing at the mid-point, feeling cathartic in taking “the long drive,” with a confident nonchalance and desire to “see what’s on the other side.” “long drive” is a melodic, thematically invigorating showing from little bit.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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