Hip-Hop Is the Most Important Youth Culture on the Planet

Culture is one of the main factors that make out of us civilized human beings. There were and still are a lot of cultural groups, mainstreams, etc. Our world develops every day, and new subcultures appear. One of them is surely hip-hop culture, and this global phenomenon seems to be the most important youth culture of all time.

Many teachers and professors make their students study this stream and write academic works afterward. Perhaps you have some problems with this topic. So, you can use a dependable and highly reputed history essay writing service to solve your hardships. We will, however, focus on this phenomenon. This informative guest post focuses on the origins of hip-hop and its influence on language, communication, and other vital aspects. Read on because this information may be both valuable and interesting.

The Origins of Hip-Hop

This is a very popular youth phenomenon. So, we must track it from the early days of its appearance. We guess you know that this is a mix of dancing and singing combined with a unique fashion style. The first idea of hip-hop appeared in the South Bronx in New York City in the 1970s, right in its streets. This was a union of African and Latino youngsters who could not resist inequality anymore.

When reviewing the dance style, we should mention several styles that influence it. These were African dance, tap dance, and break dancing. The latter style has the biggest influence and made hip hop dance what we see today. This dance combines such moves as the top-rock, footwork, and freezes.

Later, there appeared graffiti, as well as singing and deejay mixing. The representatives of this culture danced in the so-called battles. They revealed their skills. Afterward, they understood that this was the perfect way to show their social values and positions. The moves they do with their bodies show their protest. It appeared in songs, videos, and on television. So, it gained amazing popularity and could not be stopped anymore. It went worldwide.

Hip-Hop Goes Global

Once the steam started, it could not be held back. Yes, it went worldwide to become a global phenomenon. Although it started in the USA, it went on and conquered other countries on all continents (perhaps penguins know the theme too). The hip-hop influence on youth is incredible and quite obvious. You can see it in Africa, India, and various Asian and European countries. This is a global phenomenon for many reasons. These are as follows:

  • It suits youngsters
  • It’s a nice form of protest
  • You can tell a lot by simply dancing or singing
  • People enjoy this style
  • The movement protects others
  • You can speak up with its help

We guess this movement has a bright future. It still remains the most popular young culture movement in the world. Its popularity and influence will only increase.

The Language of the Youth

The culture and history of this mainstream have powerful influences on various aspects. One of them is the change of the language. Just like any other new subculture, hip-hop created its own slang. These new words came into English American inevitably and became part of the common lexicon of many people. Even adults use some of the slang words at least sometimes. Some teachers even allow the use of this new part of the lexicon during classes and in the essays students write. It’s an interesting way the language develops. While some people reject it, they are wrong. This is a normal way any language of the world develops. If there are no new words, it stagnates.

Influence on Fashion and Style

We guess you know that this mainstream has a huge influence. We frequently hear about the hip hop positive influence on youth or the hip hop music influence on youth. These are quite obvious and well-known facts. There are a lot of bands and solo singers who stick to this style of singing. Yet, we need to mention the way this culture influenced fashion and style. This influence is significant as well.

So, what are the main features? The common original attributes were oversized pants and logo necklaces. The representatives of this culture wear baggy silhouettes and wear nameplate jewelry, Kangol hats, logos, and bright colors. They represent their races, beliefs, opinions, etc., with the help of what they put on. It’s a great way to tell others who you are without insulting someone else. You just put on what you want, turn it into the main music mainstream in the USA, and enjoy success! Isn’t it amazing?

Impact on Language and Communication

As hip-hop impacted the development of the language, it surely impacted communication between people and different social layers. As we have stated above, hip-hop slang has altered the language because it absorbed new words, which are used by various social layers and age categories. So, it has something to do with communication.

We all know that older people commonly resist new things that appear in the younger generation. Although some of them happily embrace it, too. We will speak, however, of those people who accept hip-hop or at least do not oppose it. What happens next? The quality of communication improves. It happens logically because various categories of people recognize hip-hop and are aware of its special lexicon. So there are no misunderstandings in communication.

Let’s review one simple example that may take place even as you read this guest post. You are no hip-hopper, but you know its slang and use some new words out of it. Then you meet a hip-hoper in the street, and he asks you something. While you are answering, you start to use several hip-hop slang words. What happens then? The hip-hopper rejoices! Every person likes when other people accept or understand his culture. There are no misunderstandings or confrontations.

Moreover, our hip-hoper meets his friends and tells them about you. He marks that a person in a completely different direction thinks hip-hop is cool. Thus, you support this mainstream and show its representatives that no one is against them. It’s important today because there are many conflicts when a new subculture appears on the horizon. People, commonly and unfortunately, reject something new.

Hip-Hop and Social Commentary

This youth culture has a powerful social impact on the community. This fact simply cannot be denied. Although many people still wonder how it became possible, this phenomenon lives on and is successful. This unique dance can really impact the thoughts of other people. Yes, people use their bodies when they dance and the way they dress. Yet, they enjoy success by showing their protest, empowerment, and unity. They can easily inspire individuals and entire communities to unite and fight for their rights.

There are many streaming platforms that support this movement. The main aim of this movement is to reach social justice with no exceptions. All people should stand together and remain equal.

There are many cases that can be interesting. The first protests emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s. A rap group, Public Enemy, appeared and was the first among all hip-hop movements to speak up about the problems of racism and gender inequality. The relatively recent movement BLM (Black Lives Matter) has given a new push to this mainstream.

Yet, this culture does not focus only on some negative things. It also promotes love and empowerment. It went over the world and raised similar problems, as well as called to remain happy and in harmony with the world.

Hip-Hop in the Digital Age

The hip-hop’s legacy will remain ever after it and will develop into new mainstreams. As we live in the era of technological progress, we should review its place in the digital era as well. Technological progress helps hip hop to advance and promote its movement much faster and embrace more people.

It happens just because all modern people have gadgets and access to the Internet. They surely follow definite social media platforms, like Instagram or TikTok. A hip-hopper can make a short video of how he dances and/or sings and download it to one of the platforms. People see this video, and some of them like what they see. As a result, the mainstream remains popular and even finds new followers. So, the digital era is beneficial for this movement.

Challenges and Criticisms

Now, we will try to predict the future of hip-hop. We will also take a look at criticism from others. Not all people support this movement. First of all, there are still a lot of people who do not like hip-hop because it was established by Afro-Americans. We cannot trust them because they show their racism.

Still, we cannot deny that there are many misconceptions about hip-hopers. Many of them do not hold to the foundations of this movement. Being famous rappers, they seem to forget about their roots. There are lots of sex, alcohol, and drugs. At times, the representatives of this movement cry about love, and the next day, they are ready to provoke a fight for their rights, which does not go in harmony with peaceful ideas.

As for the challenges, this movement does not have enough support. Although you can see thousands or even millions of hip-hopers all over the world, they are not sufficient to change the political systems in their countries. You will hardly see a senator in the USA who is a hip-hop dancer.

Another problem is the age of this movement. It is chosen by youngsters, and they are not commonly accepted or understood by adults. The latter ones think that youngsters simply want to rebel for some time just because they are still immature. They believe that such beliefs will pass away quickly. In many cases, it really happens.

This is another serious challenge of hip hop. Many of its representatives give up this style because they become adults. They have to look for a job, take care of their families, and agree to the beliefs and rules of their bosses, politicians, etc. Others say that they will not get what they want if they continue supporting this movement, so many youngsters finally give it up.

There is one important perspective for this movement. It will remain forever young. As there will always be younger generations, it will live on! So, there is always a big chance to change something and influence others positively.

The Defining Chapter

Hip-hop is surely worth your attention, even if you don’t like this subculture. It shows how one little stream became an ocean of popularity all over the world. It did a lot of impactful things, which were quite helpful to the community. You can learn a lot from it or even become part of hip-hop!

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