Indiana Bradley – ‘Canticles of Los Angeles’ EP

Spanning from energizing rock ardency to piano-forward balladry, Canticles of Los Angeles is a consuming new EP from Indiana Bradley. The project’s third studio release consistently impresses with its range of personality and conceptual approach, fully embracing a track-by-track aesthetical individuality.

The relentless, enjoyably raucous rock sound on the opening “Simulate” sets the EP into motion. “Have you ever thought about my love for you?” the vocals question with quick pace, amidst a delectable smattering of pulsing piano and charismatic guitars. The “I don’t care,” concluding vocal refrain melds a punk-forward ethos with a commanding rock ferocity, establishing a gripping arsenal into the more synth-forward opening of the subsequent “Silent Moon.”

An admittance of “I can’t live without you,” enamors alongside soaring synth tones, establishing “Silent Moon” as a more patiently developing success. “Fade from your point of view,” they continue during an understated yet impactful hook, with the vocals emitting a post-punk engrossment in their scaled-back presence and culmination into nocturnal synth-minded spiritedness. The raucous energy of “Simulate” and the introspective dynamics within “Silent Moon” quickly showcase Indiana Bradley’s melodic versatility.

Gorgeous pedal steel is showcased on “This Is Where the Pirates Are,” lyrically conveying a drifting-out-to-sea narrative in its escalation to fervent vocals and bursting guitar jangles. The effort is further evidence of the act’s knack for compelling narratives and evolving, escalating songcraft.

The EP is particularly satiating in its presentation of different pacing and styles. “Rival’s Plunder” fully embraces the more somber ’80s nostalgic realm, channeling The Chameleons UK in the deepening tone as atmospheric guitars immerse. Meanwhile, piano-forward balladry and soaring rock coexist enjoyably on “The Breach,” while the concluding “Timeless We Will Be” brings back the synth-fronted arsenal with a majestic, soaring vocal captivation in its riveting finale. Indiana Bradley thoroughly impresses across the eclectic, consistently melodic Canticles of Los Angeles EP.

Mike Mineo

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