The KYN – “Love Don’t Know” (feat. Brionne Aigné)


Denver-based project The KYN struts a soulful entrancement on their latest production “Love Don’t Know,” featuring a standout vocal performance from Brionne Aigné. The track continues producer Callum Bair’s knack for collaborative, soulful successes, catching our ears this past June with “Pure Imagination” and in April with “Own Way,” which also featured Aigné.

“I’ve been waiting, and you just take your time,” Aigné’s debonair vocals let out alongside mellow guitar and piano, lamenting on a seemingly perpetual state of anticipation. Glistening guitars during the “fight a feeling,” sequence rouses into the catching title-touting hook, where wordless backing vocals add to the smoothy emotive lead. “Love don’t know where it comes from, it’s just trying to make the best of someone.”

The track’s production wholly compels in its range from laid-back, soulful introspection to the cathartic chorus. The sweltering vocal rise in the final 30 seconds proves particularly captivating, emphasizing Aigné’s undeniable vocals talents alongside Blair’s impeccable production. “Love Don’t Know” continues to showcase The KYN as a project consistently capable of collaborator-minded, soulful successes.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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