Troy Braunstein – “Trouble on My Mind”


Audibly capturing the phase of one’s life where partying and over-indulgences start to wear thin, “Trouble on My Mind” provides a grippingly introspective concept within a twangy, delectably lo-fi rock production. The track comes via San Diego-based artist Troy Braunstein.

Lyrical references to “late night bar crawls and drunken conversations,” into the next morning’s awakening enamor amidst the jangling guitars, as the vocals sigh “I know you’ve been there before.” The “mind is shaking,” realization touts a punchy rock bounce, while the dreamier yearning for staying out reflects a particular time and place. The production proves enjoyable with its range of contemplative vocal sequences and guitar-tone versatility, spanning from ardent ’00s indie-rock nostalgia to a more brooding output.

The artist elaborates further on this stellar track:

“Trouble On My Mind” is an indie lo-fi alt rock song that has a garage flare and nostalgic aesthetic. It’s mostly about a feeling and a time in ones life. Coming of age, burn-out and pushing through and partying with friends even when you have troubles weighing you down and When the hang over is hitting extra hard and you feel like you never want to drink again. (perhaps why I quit drinking for a year and now don’t over indulge in it when I do decide to partake.) Its about those times when partying and the “good times” get the best of you. Ultimately I’d like to let the listeners decide what it’s about and how that feeling and emotion may apply to their own life and experiences. We’ve all been there before in one way or another.”

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of November 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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