Millennium Resorts – “The Big Show”


A riveting new single from Austin, Texas-based duo Millennium Resorts, “The Big Show” fuses buzzing electro-pop with psychedelic prog-rock immersion — captivating with its steady momentum and build. The effort comes via the duo’s upcoming concept album In The Key of David, set to release on January 26th.

“On the surface, the track is a little ditty about the trials and tribulations of life in the 21st century,” they explain. “The verse sincere. The chorus sarcastic. But like our previous single “Happiness,” it’s much more than that and we’ll let the listener decide.”

Serene bird-chirping and bluesy guitar escalation burst into a soaring resonance around the one-minute turn, where crisp guitars and spacey synths intertwine gorgeously. Pit-pattering percussion and further synth effervescence takes hold as the second minute approaches, thereafter wholly embracing an electronic-minded soundscape. A haunting, subdued vocal presence drives to a lamenting “it’s so hard when everything’s gone completely insane.” Swelling synth buzzes and mounting vocal momentum touts a grandiose rising into the “everyone join the big show,” hook, with shades of Muse.

“The Big Show” is a grippingly atmospheric success from Millennium Resorts, who craft an enthralling soundscape that excels in both its moody guitar-based segments and whirring synth infusions.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of December 2023’ Spotify playlist.

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