Of Jones – ‘In The Velvet’ EP

In The Velvet is a new EP from Of Jones, touting a debonair rock sound with bluesy appeal. Based in Perry, Oklahoma, the project of Brandon Jones excels in its range from contemplative smoothness to rousing theatrics. The EP comprises three tracks that Jones wrote between 2008 and 2017.

“Destructive” opens the EP with acoustic-laden intrigue, as Jones’ confident vocals admit “I’ve got something in my head, it keeps coming out in song.” Expressions of creative, emotive spontaneity are evident alongside a steady-feeling momentum. The “heat from the sun,” soaring vocal inflection proves stirring as the guitars assume a more sporadic range alongside the continuous rhythms. The track serves as a stellar invitation to Jones’ arsenal, and his knack for transforming emotions into song.

A bouncy piano pulse and tender guitar twangs cast a caressing smoothness on the subsequent “Won’t Leave Without You.” Its bluesy guitars and comforting assurances — “I’ll be right here to catch you, before you hit the ground,” — drive with delectable melodic composure into the “hoping you’ll just let me in,” yearning. The emotive rock of “Destructive” and suave bluesy fervency within “Won’t Leave Without You” engage with a strong melodic showcase, with unique personalities.

Closing the EP, “Still” intertwines organs, twangy guitars, and intermittent vocals for an alluring build. Acoustical additions shine in the back-half as expressive vocal layers concoct a soulful charisma; it marks another success on an EP that certainly goes 3-for-3 in its satiating production and melodic appeal.

Mike Mineo

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