Toronto-based artist POINT3NINE presents a grippingly idiosyncratic variety of soundscapes on The iLLEST EP, stirring from the ominous glimmering within the title track to the debonair late-night moodiness of “The Machine.” An eclectic palate of inspirations peek through, with the artist drawing from the intoxicating trip-hop sounds of Mo’ Wax records, atmospheric hip-hop, rock, and soul/funk.

A myriad of successes show throughout. “GT” flaunts a rock-friendly demeanor in its scraggly guitar tones, wholly embracing chilly textural distortion. More hybrid iterations — like the trip-hop and rock meshing within “Immortality” — also stand out. “The Machine” is particularly compelling in its grumbling rhythm section and eerie guitar twangs; the combination of steady percussion and capricious-feeling guitar twangs make for a constant sense of momentum.

The closing “illusion of truth” struts a delectable creepiness, with a ghostly backing texture and horror-film vocal snippets conjoining into twangy guitar immersion. is a showcase in atmospheric creativity and constant intrigue from POINT3NINE.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

Mike Mineo

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