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Rebel Kicks showcase a stellar pop sound throughout their new EP, The NYC-based project, fronted by brothers Anthony and Steven Babino, draw from a wide range of influences — “from jazz to classic rock to R&B,” Steven says — and the result is ripe with replay-inducing moments and atmospheric productions.

“The Girl In Barcelona” kicks the EP into gear with a breezily atmospheric pop engagement. Debonair vocals and a thumping bass-laden drive traverse from contemplative Friday afternoons into a glistening weekend getaway — “dancing with nothing to lose, the moment she grabs you.” The title-touting hook dazzles amidst quaint guitar jangles and trickling keys, with a mid-point vocal escalation adding to the enamoring production. “Past Life” follows with a moodier vocal retrospection alongside buzzing keys and wintry key twinkling, conveying similar feelings of adoration and yearning.

“I think I knew you in a past life,” the vocals push forward, proving replay-inducing in their steady melodic rise and guitar/keys interplaying. The opening two tracks present an infectious melodic charm, balancing lusher introspection with wholly satiating hooks — connecting thematically in a tendency to reflect on rare encounters, particularly the ones that make your heart flutter. The rest of the EP impresses with its savvy pop-friendly emotion, from the soulful bass-laden smoothness of “Feel Good” to the anthemic alt-pop closer “Save It For A Rainy Day.” The EP is a fantastic pop showcase from Rebel Kicks.

Mike Mineo

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