Rusty Reid – “The United States of Selfishness”


Seattle-based artist Rusty Reid crafts a soaring, emotive throwback rock sound on “The United States of Selfishness,” which tactfully ruminates on elements of corporate greed, cult personalities, and general political upheaval. Reid describes the release as “a statement, a plea, a warning, a hope that it’s not too late to rescue ourselves from our own worst enemy: ourselves.”

References to wobbling institutions, evil corporate pursuits, and “an evil swirling around,” make for an evident thematic hold — depicting a country with a “sickness of the national mind,” driven by greed and selfishness. There’s an apt admittance that it’s “as old as the republic,” rather than blaming it on modern whimsy. “The United States of selfishness is a nation built of sand,” Reid laments into added guitar twangs into the two-minute turn. The track’s mid-point is particularly compelling, as underlying acoustic glistening pairs with an expressive electric guitar lengthening. “We’re long past due for something new,” he lets out, eloquently calling for collective betterment amidst a rousing, classic-feeling rock production.

“While this song directly references the history and current political upheaval of the United States, it might well apply also to any number of other nations which have experienced their own travails with large portions of the populace drawn to authoritarian, intolerant, belligerent, and often openly racist quasi-fascism,” Reid says.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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