Slightest Clue – “When You Wake Up”


Vancouver-based band Slightest Clue strut an eclectic rock range on their new single “When You Wake Up,” written during one of the worst heatwaves in British Columbia’s history. Sweltering guitar tones and heatwave-referencing lyrical descriptions make for a strongly palpable soundscape, exuding a swampy vigor amidst a range of lusher introspection and anthemic rock spells alike. Vocals from bassist Hannah Kruse also prove entrancing throughout.

A soaring guitar presence takes hold from the beginning, traversing into a smoky vocal depicting the impact of a heatwave. A debonair, bass-driven accompaniment rouses alongside, with trickling guitars during the “saw it on your face,” vocal jumpiness adding to the intrigue. A blast of guitar distortion invigorates thereafter, firmly showcasing Slightest Clue’s ample tonal versatility — from initially quaint folk-pop musings to a roaring alt-rock splendor. A talk-y guitar emphasis collides into the suave “call me when you wake up,” finale, cementing “When You Wake Up” as a stylishly confident gem from Slightest Clue.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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