Trevor’s Lightning Project – ‘Miasma’ EP

Formed out of Lexington, Kentucky, Trevor’s Lightning Project excels in a conceptual vein of dynamic psych-rock, strutting a versatile tonal and structural flair. Also reputed for thrilling live performances, featuring “the projections of Liquified Light Show,” Trevor’s Lightning Project appears as the complete psych-rock package throughout the Miasma EP. The release also succeeds in its conceptual aim, with each track representing “a phase in the cycle of human existence,” alongside thematic explorations of existing in a modern world overwhelmed by a constant barrage of information and interaction.

“Birdfeeder” is an apt opener, thematically — emphasizing the formative stages of life, particularly in being thrust into the world and becoming malleable to the influences of one’s environment. Baby-like samples traverse into a murky guitar-fronted intrigue, as the vocals emerge seamlessly amidst twangy guitars: “You came down and spoke to me.” A dark, gritty climactic whirring at mid-point marks a steady escalation, feeling symbolic of one’s breakthrough into independence as blistering guitars descend into a contemplative vocal re-emergence past the three-minute turn. “The perfect creation bred from the truth,” the vocals let out here, furthering the palpable mystique.

As one shifts past impressionable childhood into the real world, the throes of a hyper-capitalistic society become evident — and “Oil!” captures as such. Ominous vocal swells traverse into haunting howls at mid-point as a grimier guitar distortion takes hold, then submerging into an audience-laden setting with applause. Step up to the show, if you dare. The final two tracks continue the quality on display, with the versatile “MagDes” proving symbolic of an ideology enveloping oneself, and “Abaddon” exuding a contemplative sound in its depiction of experiencing death.

“MagDes” is particularly engrossing in its span from haunting vocal descension to invigorating guitar fervency. The project touts an eclectic charm throughout, and especially here. “Abaddon” depicts the beauty and tragic nature of death, also diversifying between lusher alt-rock nostalgia and a distortion-heavy conclusion. Impressing in its invigorating rock sound and sturdy thematic hold, alongside stimulating visual accompaniments (the quadrants on the album cover represent each track), the Miasma EP is a thorough success from Trevor’s Lightning Project.

Mike Mineo

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