Wreckless Strangers – ‘Orange Sky Dream’ EP


Orange Sky Dream is the new EP from Bay Area-based supergroup Wreckless Strangers, who conjure a stirring arsenal of rock, blues, and Americana alongside four-time Grammy-winning producer Dave Way.

Orange Sky Dream contains a lot of personal and shared experiences that were born in a unique time frame, which set the table for a lot of emotion and truth to spill out musically,” vocalist Amber Morris explains. “Our incredible producer Dave Way magnified the Wreckless sound. He met us where we were at, and took us further than we’ve ever been. He’s a musical powerhouse, with so much creativity and knowledge!”

The opening “Break The Line” showcases the band’s debonair, melodic rock styling. “My mind is constantly racing, trying to predict what’s ahead,” the vocals lament, emitting relatable feelings of existing in a chaotic world. The breezy, bluesy pop/rock charisma in the “leaving it all behind,” hook proves wholly satiating, into a glimmering organ-laden touch. “Roses of War” follows with a lusher, acoustical vibrancy to start, leading into Morris’ stirring vocal presence. The glistening acoustics and shining organs make for steady momentum into the title-touting soaring, which signals the entry of a soaring, delectable chorus.

The EP stirs on all six of its tracks, with the mid-point marked by the suave rocker “Shudda Known.” The bluesy, confident vocal tone excels; “I saw the sun turn a blood orange red, baby, that’s when I knew we was outta luck,” drives into blistering organ and charismatic guitars. “Grace of God” is another rousing highlight with bluesy guitar/organ interplay. “You’re All I Need” closes the album with anthemic, emotive power — impressing in both the “you’re all I need,” vocal clarity and stirring swells of instrumentation. Orange Sky Dream is a gripping success of an EP from Wreckless Strangers.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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