Ace Landauer – “Deathwish”


California-based artist Ace Landauer describes new single “Deathwise” as “a song about finding reasons to feel down.”

Reflecting on people whose tendency toward melancholy proves self-destructive, and the quest to move away from these tendencies, “Deathwish” stirs in its gorgeous production — intertwining lush acoustics, heartfelt strings, and impactful vocal layers for a memorable sound. Brassy warmness is especially captivating at the mid-point, echoing shades of Destroyer’s Kaputt. A string-touched conclusion is riveting, ending with a hopefulness to stray away from the self-imposed pursuit of sadness.

Landauer elaborates further on the track:

“Some people find it easier to focus on the things that are going wrong in their life instead of celebrating the good things. This song explores a character who takes this habit to the extreme only to find that the malcontent they feel for their life is self imposed and nowhere near strong enough to take any drastic measures. Despite its dour nature, I think this song ends on a positive note with our character inclined to move away from these self destructive behaviors.”

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Indie Folk.

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