Girls Know – “Stranger” + “Lovesick”


Pacific Northwest-based project Girls Know deliver an emotively gripping rock sound on “Stranger” and “Lovesick,” two new singles that showcase Girls Know’s knack for excitable structural developments and impassioned vocal rises.

Showing immediate momentum with stutter-y guitar fragments that ascend into a warming steady distortion, “Stranger” grips in its fuzzy rock aesthetic and lyrical depictions of a friendship break-up. “You seem stressed,” the vocals let out, into a delectably murky “another stranger,” hook that laments on the friend-to-stranger shift. Periodic doses of raucously invigorating vocals are stirring, while the verses also appeal in the more contemplative “see that I’ve changed,” introspectiveness; this is a stellar, emotional single on an album full of highlights.

“Lovesick” is another success, described as “about the feeling of a past relationship that you are sick and tired of remembering, even if the feelings weren’t all bad.” The booming bass line and quaint guitar lines initially exude a peppier post-punk tint, reminiscent of Interpol. “I don’t want this love, it makes me sick!” the vocals let out into an infectious central hook. “Met you in another life,” they ruminate, alongside guitars with more of an early ’00s indie-rock nostalgia.

Both tracks come via the band’s new release, All This Love Could Kill Me!:

These two tracks and others featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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