goodkitty – ‘Picture Albums’ EP

Playing like an audible memory book of heartfelt love and perseverance, the Picture Albums EP is an upcoming release from goodkitty — out on February 9th. The Chicago-based project of singer/songwriter Katie Colt excels with a stirring balance of memorably melodic songwriting and relatable lyrical emphasis on love and its complexities.

“Red” struts a suave engrossment to kickstart the album, intertwining haunting vocal laments — “this rain, it just keeps on coming down,” — with jangly guitars and grooving bass. The debonair early disposition ascends past the first minute into a spirited rock glow; soaring vocals and punchy guitar hooks remind fondly of Mitski. goodkitty’s knack for dynamic tonal range and escalating structural satiation are thoroughly showcased on this stellar EP opener.

A peppier rhythmic drive and crunchy guitar distortion enamors quickly on “Better,” converse of “Red” by instead traversing from rock vigor into a dreamier embrace within the chorus, instead of the other way around; it’s another affirming success. Following, lead single “Sabrina” captivates with its smitten lyrical feelings and synth/guitar interplay, abundant in a range of hooks — from the title-touting pleading to the preceding ascent there. A thematic grip emphasizes a clear adoration for someone, though also a fear of disconnecting and it all falling apart. The personable, relatable lyrics and accessibly brisk rock production lead a firm display of goodkitty’s strengths.

“Memory Lane” is a poignant mid-point for the EP, referencing its titular theme — “Remember picture albums? I haven’t seen one in awhile,” the vocals let out, admitting that “flipping through the pages feels like death,” when cycling through one’s internal memories. A striking vocal presence and understated folk arsenal, with a soaring push thereafter, proves reminiscent of Weyes Blood. The piano-led “Ready To Grow” follows with introspective balladry, continuing previous thematic depictions of of holding on too long, while the closing “Holding On To You” casts a late-night synth-pop intrigue. Picture Albums is a riveting EP from goodkitty, consuming with its themes of love and the fragility within.

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