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Your debut album, Pray to the Knife, releases on February 16th. Having previously released the EP Haunt Me Once More, how has the band’s eclectic sound evolved in the process of crafting a full-length album like Pray to the Knife

We’ve become more analog in our writing and recording methods. We’ve also become more collaborative and performance-driven on this album. Haunt Me Once More was mostly written before our 6-person line-up came together. This album involved all 6 of us on every single song. 

Creating a concept album is a unique challenge. How did the idea for Pray to the Knife as a story of survival after grief come about, and how did the collaborative songwriting process contribute to shaping the narrative? 

The narrative was influenced by events in Violet’s life, and driven by the tone set by the instrumentals. It was also inspired by the works of David Lynch and assorted horror/romance movies. 

The first single, “Run and Hide” invigorates with its ’80s goth-noir styling and emo-friendly nostalgia. What was the process like in choosing this track to be the first peek at the new album? 

Our album has an eclectic range of styles in it. We wanted to start our roll-out by highlighting one of the more accessible songs that’s on the album, knowing that we would follow it up with one of heavier songs, No More Blood. 

What’s your favorite venue to perform at? 

We’ll be playing our album release show at The Pour House in Raleigh, NC. The Wicked Witch in Raleigh has also been a great help to us – we’ve filmed a couple music videos there and love the crowd that we get there. 

Do you have a specific process or ritual when creating new music? 

Typically, someone will bring a riff or an instrumental part, then the rest of the band will brainstorm where to take the song. 

Any favorite artists or albums you’re listening to at the moment? 

Swans, The Residents, Page99, Talk Talk, Blonde Redhead, Westside Gunn, Magazine, PJ Harvey

If you could collaborate with any artist, alive or dead, who would it be?

Brian Eno. 

What do you find is the most satisfying part of being an artist? 

Executing a shared artistic vision, performing live, and exploring a style that’s unique to us. 

What is the biggest challenge you find in today’s music industry?

Being heard. 

What’s upcoming for the project? 

Our debut album, Pray To The Knife, will be coming out on February 16th. We will be touring and promoting it for the rest of 2024. We’re also excited to get back into writing, to start working on our next release.

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