Jason Myles Goss – “Younger Man”


Its music video releasing today, “Younger Man” is a suavely gripping single from NYC-based artist Jason Myles Goss, coming via his recently released Misfit EP. Guitar swipes, chilly organs, and conga-touched rhythms complement vocal admittances about “being a bad love,” that has done wrong, traversing to a debonair rise. The lyrics stir in portraying a relationship whose demise may appear imminent, reflected artfully in the “sometimes the ticking is the bomb,” remark.

“Things were different when I was a younger man,” Goss’ outpouring aligns with more prominent organs, falling into a smoky “afraid of nothing,” declaration. The track plays aptly within the EP’s overall theme and background, reflecting on the perils of second-guessing and a sense of doubt, and prevailing through with an “afraid of nothing” ethos. “My ambition was there — I wanted the songs to be good, but the worrying about things that didn’t matter, the self-doubt, the second-guessing, those things were not there,” Goss says. “Working on Misfit was a letting go of all of that.”

The track’s music video provides a contemplative setting, showing Goss cooking whilst home movies play in the background, like an onlooking specter. A birthday cake in solitude closes the gripping visual accompaniment, directed by Ryan Stumpe. Check out the rest of the Misfit EP below:

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