Mae Krell – “too hard”


“too hard” is a riveting new single from New York-based artist Mae Krell. An acoustic-forward production complements heartfelt vocals, depicting fears and anxieties within relationships, especially within a world full of chaos.

“You couldn’t bear to leave me behind,” the vocals let out, sending chills into the question of “what if this is all a metaphor?” — a heartrending moment, with a touch of sophisti-pop apparent in the “is loving me just way too hard?” questioning. “too hard” is a compelling, emotive folk success from Mae Krell.

Krell elaborates further on the track:

i wrote “too hard” early last year while staying at a tiny secluded cabin in upstate new york with my dog. i had decided i was going to make a full length album (my debut!) and wanted to make sure i was able to take some time to really focus on writing songs that felt sonically and thematically consistent. about halfway through my week-long stay at the cabin, i hadn’t written anything. i tend to be very self-critical in the writing process, often stopping myself before i finish something because i think it isn’t “good”, and i think that’s a lot of what was happening. On the day i ended up writing “too hard”, I decided that I was just going to force myself to put something down without judgement, and that’s when this song came to me.

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