Maudlin Strangers – “Don’t Worry, I’m Fine”


The new single from Maudlin Strangers, “Don’t Worry, I’m Fine” stirs in its thumping rock momentum, fondly reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys in its debonair vocal tone’s ascent into a blistering fuzz-friendly fervency. Maudlin Strangers is a band led by Los Angeles native Jake Hays, originally formed as a solo project in 2010. Today, the lineup includes Richie Gonzales on drums, Alexander “Schmorgle” Morgan on guitar/keys, and Drew Bruchs on bass.

A sporadic guitar buzzing immerses quickly, venturing into a confident vocal drive alongside a heady bass pulse. “I’ll be honest,” the vocals start as illuminated keys add to the mix. Jangling, quaint guitars and reassuring title-touting vocals launch into a raucously delectable chorus, as the vocals repeat “it’s been a long time coming,” upon the re-emergence of guitar-led vigor. “Don’t Worry, I’m Fine” is a stirring success from Maudlin Strangers.

Hays elaborates on the track:

“I wrote this song about dealing with a burnout I experienced, and how I needed to recover from it. I took a long hiatus and always kicked myself for it, but I realized it was all necessary to make it to the point where I am now, mentally. Sometimes you have to give yourself time to reflect to figure out truly what it is that you want, and what will make you happy.”

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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