Nickon Faith – ‘Signs’ EP

Nickon Faith‘s ravishing electronic pop production takes hold throughout the Signs EP. The Manchester-based artist and producer emphasizes both emotive enthrallment and danceability, set within nocturnal soundscapes and hypnotic vocal pushes. The 5-track EP marks the artist’s debut on Mess Express Records, and is kicked off by the excellent lead single “Signs.” Axelle’s lushly entrancing vocal presence lets out “I know you well,” amidst thumping percussion and pulsating synths, with stutter-y vocal immersion past the first minute taking firm hold.

The ensuing “Love” showcases a versatile enjoyment, from the “fall into pieces,” colorful vocal snippets to the lush mid-point interlude and strongly danceable conclusion. Moving further, “Nothing State’ conjures a Burial-esque late-night charm with its bass-y pulses and percussive reveal around 01:40, while the concluding “Forever (I Want You)” weaves eerie synths with yearning vocal cuts for a gripping finale. The Signs EP is a stylish, infectious success from Nickon Faith that deftly meshes nocturnal electro-pop with danceable intrigue.

“Signs” is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Electronic.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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