Premiere: Cindy Alexander – “Messy”


We’re pleased to premiere the video for “Messy,” a rousing single from Big Sur-based artist Cindy Alexander. A collaborative track with Bulgaria-based artist Emphis, “Messy Blends” bluesy folk intrigue with a pop-friendly hooky eruption, capped by a consuming assortment of soaring guitars and shimmering backing organs as the vocals entice: “get messy with me.” The video’s forest-set dancing and overall charisma prove fitting for this memorable track.

Bluesy guitar snarls complement a vocal presence, admitting “it’s gonna get messy as hell.” The twangy guitars drive into a resonating “I know who you are,” captivation, as bursting guitars arise into the ear-catching “I wanna be messy!” hooky exultation. The sequence is thoroughly compelling, showcasing Alexander’s dynamic songwriting — from dark, bluesy engrossment into a radiant pop/rock enhancement, fit for radio-set success. Spurts of organs and debonair guitars round the two-minute turn, referencing digital infatuation into piano-laden clanging as the satiating central hook re-emerges. “Messy” is a solid showcase in songwriting and eclectic tonal flair from Cindy Alexander, with the stellar video adding to this success.

Alexander elaborates further on the single:

“I met Emphis online during the pandemic lockdown in 2020. After seeing her work on other music videos, I invited her to collaborate with me on the ‘21 release of While the Angels Sigh. I have the upmost respect for her artistic vision, as she brings a unique perspective to my work. She is from Russia and now lives in Bulgaria, so her experiences and cultural influences/ references are quite different from mine. That adds an additional layer of meaning to a song. When I finished the new record, “Messy,” I sent her the tracks and let her choose which song she’d like to create a music video for, and she picked the title track.”

Stream the rest of Cindy Alexander’s new album, Messy:

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