Shadow Person – “Chimney Sweeper” + “Smackeroo”


Two standout tracks from Shadow Person‘s new album Person of Interest, “Chimney Sweeper” and “Smackeroo” showcase the quality songwriting coming from Will Chatham’s project. Known especially for his contributions to the music scenes in Louisville, KY, and Asheville, NC, Chatham also has three solo albums under his name — and with the Shadow Person marks a new venture, striving to explore “the depths of hidden emotions, from confronting inner demons to finding peace.”

“Chimney Sweeper” opens the album with a playful charm, as a subdued bass line and hazy organs complement guitar jangles and a concise vocal progression. “Up on the roof again,” they let out. “Can’t look out, must look in.” The debonair meshing of keys and guitars make for an infectious, replay-inducing rock appeal.

“Smackeroo” is more exemplary of the project’s successful experimental pursuits. Featuring two drum kits, “Smackeroo” builds with gradual enticement — with a spoken-word vocal feeling consuming in a hooky, creative chorus before the “put on your clown shoes, slip on your red nose,” lyricism. These two efforts are exemplary of a project that balances melodic approachability with creative structural pursuits.

Stream the rest of the album, below:

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