shedde0d – ‘The New Kid’

Portuguese artist shedde0d presents an array of intriguing electronic soundscapes throughout the album The New Kid. From the gentle, spacey eeriness of “Fading Toys” to the bursting synth unease of “Reunion Anxiety,” the release compels with a variety of tones that prove consistently melodic even amidst the darker, otherworldly inclinations. “My tracks are born from mashing live takes takes,” the artist explains. “I never studied an instrument, and I am practically deaf from my right side.”

An improvisational charm lingers on many of the tracks, many of them spanning over ten minutes in length; they stretch their legs out, and take full embrace in an idiosyncratic atmospheric charm. An effort like “Reunion Anxiety” stirs in both its clanging synth pulses and gentler finale, while “Beauty Imperfect” maintains a consistent late-night glimmer in its understated glow. “Soft Tissue” is another highlight, strutting a hauntingly aquatic vibe with its wavering synths. The New Kid is a thorough achievement in sound from shedde0d, who deftly incorporates past childhood memories into stirring atmospheric holds.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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