Zoe Bayani – “My Dog”


“My Dog” is an alluring single from Atlanta-based artist Zoe Bayani, providing the first look at her upcoming debut album. A lyrical embrace of individuality, while still valuing a dedication to loved ones, stirs alongside a climactic arsenal — from twangy minimalist folk to anthemic rock power.

Quaint guitar strums complement the “do I look familiar?” vocal questioning to start. Subtle twangs weave in, alongside lyrical aspirations to not “die in my hometown.” The lush guitar work — both the acoustical lightness and gentle twangs — are beautiful accompaniments to Bayani’s introspective vocal tone, which rises with seamless cohesion as the rhythm section kicks in past the first minute. “I feel like a ghost story waiting to happen,” Bayani sings following this escalation, further reckoning with changes and the disappearance of a childhood home’s comfort.

Soaring guitar twangs and ruminating momentum cross the three-minute turn, reminding fondly of Mitski, aesthetically. The journey from acoustical contemplation into a fierce rock vigor showcases Bayani’s striking tonal variety and stirring songwriting, in general. “I hope you take it fine / and I’ll see you the day my dog dies,” the closing refrain emanates, with the dog’s metaphorical comparison to contrarianism/individuality stirring in conveying one’s individual power and self-confidence.

Bayani elaborates further on the track’s themes:

“It started off as a song about my mom and how much I look up to her, but as I kept writing it kind of ended up feeling more dedicated just to people I love. I hate taking people’s advice, even though I know that my friends and family are pretty much always right. I always end up wanting to be a contrarian, and that’s what the actual “dog” ends up representing in the song. It’s a metaphor for those bad decisions and judgments you end up sticking with just because someone else told you not to.”

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