Bromsen – ‘Brothers in Mind’

An album out today from Berlin-based act Bromsen, Brothers in Mind compels in its melodic blend of nostalgic synths and guitars, ultimately crafting a replay-inducing sound steeped in ’80s nostalgia. Hooks are abound on this album from Bromsen, comprising Richard and Karlo Bromsen. They cite Irish folk singer/songwriter Luka Bloom as a particular inspiration for the sound and thematic focus, emphasizing “the pursuit of self-realization.”

Opening track “One by One” struts the project’s ability to meld spirited synths and rock-forward guitars with seamless, melodic qualities. “Let us take another ride, I want to get down to the ground,” the vocals conclude, following a balanced array of guitars and bustling synth momentum. Elsewhere, “Someone” is a standout that embraces the synth-pop spectrum more wholeheartedly, amidst lyrical encouragements to be true to oneself in a world where conformity can be safe yet unfulfilling. “I’m singing with the chorus,” the vocals let out, steadily increasing an encouragement of individuality into the “I could be someone,” infectiousness. A soaring guitar solo invigorates at mid-point.

Another highlight, “No One” follows with pulsing guitar intensity — traversing into a glitzy synth-laden hook with exuberantly catching vocals; it’s another showcase in deftly balancing synths and guitars amidst an anthemic, hooky vocal front. Album finale “More Time” further embraces an ’80s throwback charm, meshing jangling guitars, heavy rock distortion, and effervescent synths from ardent beginnings into a soulfully serene conclusion. Brothers in Mind is a riveting album from Bromsen.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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