Daniel Schamroth – ‘Major Companion’ EP

Devon, UK-born singer/songwriter Daniel Schamroth shows a stirring folk sound on his Major Companion EP, a display in emotional songwriting amidst a powerful acoustic-driven production. Adding to the sound, Manchester composer Joe Duddell provides string arrangements, with mastering from Pete Maher (U2, Noel Gallagher).

Lush acoustics complement an ardent vocal layering on the opening “Dying To Feel Alive.” A resonating momentum takes hold as gorgeous string arrangements infuse amidst the title-touting vocals, aspiring to “be right by your side.” Lyrical adorations compel with heightening vocal intensity, depicting the power of love and how the ensuing effect of feeling by one’s side can ignite one and make them feel truly alive. Schamroth’s emotive songwriting is on display from the get-go.

Lead single “Rat Race” is another standout. The glistening guitars maintain a steady engagement throughout, as vocals depict the never-ending rat race in life — waking up, and going to a job one hates. “Don’t talk to me, ’cause I don’t wanna know,” Schamroth sings, cautioning not to trade one’s best days “for the rat race.” Beautiful vocals and serene acoustics complement a moving message on valuing the day-to-day, and embracing the beauty in life, even amidst the tumult.

Closing the EP, “Cold Wind Blowing” also captivates in its balancing of a melancholic sound with uplifting themes. “I wrote the song about a friend of mine who was struggling and in a bad place,” Schamroth says. References to loneliness and black clouds depict the impact of sadness, while also emphasizing perseverance in advising not to let “the cold wind push you around.” Schamroth’s songwriting shows a tendency to capture morose feelings while also acknowledging one’s own power to transform them into positives; the result makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience throughout the Major Companion EP.

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