James Wyatt Crosby – “Same Dream Every Night”


“Same Dream Every Night” is a nocturnal, atmospheric success from Canadian artist James Wyatt Crosby, fusing a delicate piano loop and evolving vocals with pulsing electro-touched pop momentum. The track represents the first song on Wyatt’s new album, Happy Memories. Speaking of the track’s themes, Crosby says: “The idea of the blurry line between dreams, reality and memory was fascinating, and something I wanted to explore through song, but it was a concept that took me deeper into my own artistic process than any song ever has.”

The track’s atmosphere is palpable from the get-go, as a nighttime outdoors ambience takes hold amidst moody piano and perky percussion. A wordless vocal embrace eases in, followed by caressing acoustics and the lead vocals’ emergence. The dreamy aesthetic here, in the convergence of vocals and hypnotic percussion/piano interplay, is thoroughly inviting. The second-half “in my dreams,” refrain is especially gripping in its tender guitar infusions, reminding fondly of Wild Nothing. “Same Dream Every Night” is a stirring success from James Wyatt Crosby.

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