Miles East – “Lucky To Be Here Tonight”


NYC-based singer/songwriter Miles East delivers a lushly emotive appeal on new single “Lucky To Be Here Tonight.” Serene guitar strums and glistening complement an initially subdued vocal contemplation, proclaiming “we’re lucky to be here tonight,” — celebrating the loved ones and places that make life a wonderful experience, even as the world itself continues encumbered in ample tumult.

East’s ascending vocal tone sends chills at various moments, with the “the hours fly,” bridge excelling in particular — reminding fondly of Matthew Sweet’s power-pop and singer/songwriter charms. “You can never hold too tight,” East lets out into the multi-layered “don’t feel afraid,” reassurances. “Lucky To Be Here Tonight” enthralls with its beautifully bright-side lyrical emphasis and caressingly melodic production, marking another recent success from Miles East, following the acclaim of previous single “Between Lightning and Thunder.”

“Between Lightning and Thunder” and “Lucky To Be Here Tonight” represent the first singles from East’s new album, Between Lightning and Thunder, out on June 7th. Of this track in particular, East says: ““‘Lucky to Be Here Tonight’ honors the places and people in our lives who, in defiance of circumstance, still make it a blessing to live in a world seemingly falling down around us.”

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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