Monti Korbelle – ‘The Absolute State of the Absolute State’

Pittsburgh-based artist Monti Korbelle unveils an emotional synth-pop resonance throughout new album The Absolute State of the Absolute State. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Korbelle previously released the album Healing, Nothing More in 2023. Its ambient aesthetic was a showcase in compelling atmosphere, and this newest album maintains that compelling sense of soundscape alongside melodic vocal work and a hook-friendly amiability; the sound is fit for driving at night, without lulling one to sleep.

“Fervent Citizen” is exemplary of Korbelle’s dynamic reach, infusing ambient synth spaciousness with a hypnotic hip-hop reveal. The confident vocal appearance eases in seamlessly, adding to the late-night synth tones with impeccable precision. The ensuing “Tiffany’s Car” intrigues with its infusion of spacey synths alongside an exuberant voice message, while “Pulling Me Under” interweaves spoken-word vocal entrancement with industrial-friendly synth murkiness; the tonal variety is palpable throughout the album.

A particular standout comes in the form of “Voices in My Head,” meshing haunting synth-pop with house-friendly hypnotics and a nocturnal atmospheric appeal. “The voices can’t stop,” vocal moves chillingly into pulsing bass and stutter-y ghostly ensuing, resembling a soundscape that sounds parts Burial and Boards of Canada. The Absolute State of the Absolute State is a gripping new album from Monti Korbelle.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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