NIGHTMØDE – “Sweet Salvation”


Presenting a gripping escalation from late-night contemplation into a cathartic soaring, “Sweet Salvation” is the latest stirrer from Nashville-based producer Matt Kass and his NIGHTMØDE project. Impressing in prior years with tracks like “Penthouse Refugees” and “Same Old Problems,” “Sweet Salvation” is another standout, this time made with a longtime friend and collaborator: vocalist Zach Djanikian. The duo previously played together in the Philly-based band The Brakes.

“Songs like ‘Sweet Salvation’ don’t come around often,” Kass says. “It’s a product of friendship, of the times we’re living in, and the need for something that feels familiar yet new. Working with Zach again was like picking up where we left off, but with all this new life experience to pour into the music.”

“Put the car in drive,” the vocals kickstart ample momentum alongside clanging piano. Slight percussive pit-patter complement lyrics that seem to crave adventure or something new, even if it’s running a million miles straight into the sun. “I had a feeling that something wasn’t right,” the escalated vocals exude alongside invigorating strings. “Sweet Salvation” is a gripping production, audibly capturing the feeling of stars coming out as one realizes a new-found purpose and drive.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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