Paul Marotto – “Anthem for the Forgotten”


“Anthem for the Forgotten” is a moving new track from Paul Marotto, reflecting on struggles with loneliness and addiction: “Alone on methadone, and 41 fucking years have passed me by,” the initial lyrics let out. The commiserations that “it’s a messed up world,” resonate alongside pulsing piano and reflective bass, with slithering brass and trickling keys adding as various vocal layers plead that they “need you in my life.” Ghostly, wordless vocals and icy keys combine for a haunting emergence into a resonating final minute, assuming a more rock-forward guitar lead. “Anthem for the Forgotten” is a powerful showing from Paul Marotto.

He elaborates further on the track:

“I started writing this song out of my own experience. I was feeling down. I’m 41 years old, still on methadone (which I’m not proud) and still struggling to recover from addiction and depression. Then I got to thinking how many people from my generation are stuck in the exact same spot as me. I think people have forgotten how the emergence of OxyContin had destroyed so many lives of my generation. Thus the song title…”Anthem for the Forgotten”. My hope is that someone with the same experiences as mine might hear this song and feel that someone appreciates all the pain so many them and their families went through. People need to remember how many lives were destroyed and how many of us are still struggling till today.”

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