Pretty Crimes – ‘Every Moment All at Once’

Raleigh-based band Pretty Crimes appeal with a genre-hopping appeal on their newly released album, Every Moment All at Once. From the grungy rock vigor of “New Years” to the electronic space-set intrigue of “If You Are There,” the songwriting of Dan Irving and Em Edgerton impress throughout.

Every Moment All at Once is about the threads of connection people have with each other, and how all of these threads come together to form the sum of one’s identity,” the band explains. “We wanted to explore how, through the relationships in our lives, we discover different facets of ourselves; some that we love, and some that are hard to grapple with that we wish to change.”

“Still Waiting” opens the album with melodic immediacy. “Who knows what these spirits circling my head have to stay,” the initial vocals contemplate alongside twangy guitars and playful key bounces, with shades of Todd Rundgren. “Still waiting on that call for an hour,” a moodier vocal disposition takes hold, ascending gradually alongside jangling guitar delights; this is an addictively melodic success to kick off Every Moment All at Once. “New Years” follows as a similarly captivating success, bridging grungy nostalgia with a gleeful pop hookiness. It doesn’t take long at all for the album to kick into full gear, starting with these two standouts.

Another highlight, “If You Are There” weaves haunting robotic-feeling vocals with a space-opera feeling; the touches of piano at the end converge with airy synths for an especially atmospheric impact. “Madeline” charms with a timeless-feeling psych-folk glow, while “Voyager I & II” embraces the knack for space-y atmospherics further; otherworldly synth tones and calming guitars alike complement a steady vocal momentum, culminating in a gorgeous piano-laden final section. Every Moment All at Once is a stellar showcase in songwriting and atmosphere from Pretty Crimes.

“Still Waiting” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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