Roselove – “marionette”


A gripping track inspired by “indie sleaze pop revival scene in London and the shoegaze scene in Philadelphia,” “marionette” presents a moody rock engrossment from Roselove. The artist is based in New York and Philadelphia, and was prompted by several topics in the track’s creative process, particularly the universal feeling of loneliness.

“Acutely, it is about feeling overlooked as a transgender woman in the media industry,” Roselove explains. “More broadly, it is about the growing epidemic of loneliness in the United States and how this disproportionately affects working class individuals.” They continue: “We are often systemically corralled into desolate locations and face social discrimination in denser, livelier areas, which tend to be more posh. I wanted to write a song about these issues from my perspective as a woman.”

“marionette” traverses with a ghostly, stream-of-conscious sensation. Plucky, solemn guitars move into yearning title-touting vocals, as twangy guitars complement vocals reflecting a sense of losing control. “Please pick me up and let me out of this place,” they plead, begging for escapism whilst in the throes of suppression and powerlessness. The murky, dark rock engrossment and marionette metaphor, driven by foreboding puppeteers, make for an entrancing sound throughout from Roselove.

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