Sara Beth Yurow – ‘Mischievous’ EP

The Mischievous EP showcases a range of spirited pop and piano-set balladry, emphasizing the talents of Sara Beth Yurow, an artist from Hawai’i.

Opening track “Twenty One Night Stands” struts a late-night narrative, working into a title-touting hook with various vocal layers melding amidst an expressive array of chirpy synths. A dreamier disposition takes hold into the angsty verses, showcasing Yurow’s dynamic tonal reach early into the EP. “Spin” follows with a more rock-forward vigor. “I’m in the zone,” the confident vocals declare, as distorted guitar swipes and bouncy bass enamor into a radio-friendly, replay-inducing “round and round again,” hook.

Emphasizing Yurow’s balladry chops as well, “What About” is propelled by quaint piano work and “they don’t really see me,” commiserations. The sincere, affecting ballad co-exists enjoyably on the EP with vibrant pop successes, ranging from the opening “Twenty One Night Stands” to the energetic “Don’t Wanna Be Strong.”

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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