Douzey – ‘Discard’ EP

Naarm-based artist Douzey struts a dynamic pop sound throughout the Discard EP, spanning from dreamy introspection to funk-ready invigoration. A relatable, playful lyrical drive enamors alongside the memorable production. “Discard is a collection of diss tracks that reflect my abundant ability to write when I’m mad,” Douzey says. “Each song is a playful jab at the annoyances and absurdities of everyday life, from dealing with crappy housemates and landlords to poking fun at my younger self.”

“I was peachy, I was jazzy,” Douzey sings on the opening “Peachy,” emphasizing the past tense in reflections of her younger self. The funky bass bouncing and psych-friendly guitar reflections traverse enjoyably upon admissions that “I’m always raining on my own parade.” The melodic immediacy of the track pairs with an approachably lyrical prowess, ruminating on youth and grittier ensuing adulthood, to kick off the EP in quality form.

Gripes of adulthood continue in enjoyable form on “Toxic Rain.” Piano-laden pop swells into a hooky array of vocal intertwining and climactic guitar trickling. Frustrations regard shared living spaces — both oppressive landlords and inconsiderate roommates — stir alongside an assortment of piano and melodic guitar swipes. The “give me my bond back,” harmonious vocal melds various layers amidst the ardent lead, making for another songwriting success from Douzey.

An angst-y punk ethos converges seamlessly with soaring pop production on EP finale “Pavement.” The lyrics speak to a certain personality — valuing fat paychecks and appeasing corporate overlords over true connections — while also lamenting how succumbing to the corporate world can envelop one’s sense of self. A soaring guitar solo invigorates into the final minute. The EP’s punchiest track closes it out with satiating endurance; Discard is a shining achievement in melodic songwriting and poignant introspection from Douzey.

Mike Mineo

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