GL Smoov – ‘In Nimbus’ EP

With a delicate blend of emotive vocals, haunting melodies, and soulful atmospherics, GL Smoov‘s new EP In Nimbus explores the intricacies of love, loss, and resilience in strongly impactful form.

The EP opens with the gorgeous “Lapse,” whose gentle piano tones and gentle vocal immersion reminds fondly of Sampha. Tender guitar infusions complement lyrics that depict a fading love, lamenting “I know we don’t move the way we used to, babe,” as spacey synth pulses weave in subtly. The ghostly, wordless vocal reflections add chillingly to the melancholic lead. GL Smoov’s knack for atmosphere and heartfelt lyrical emotion show clearly on “Lapse,” and the EP doesn’t let up from there.

“Gray Skies” follows with a lounge-friendly piano lushness, as multiple vocal layers meld for a “there’s gray skies every time I close my eyes,” commiseration. While “Lapse” felt like the beginnings of a break-up, “Gray Skies” represents the ultimate realization that it’s over — bringing forth a sense of emotional numbness and enveloping perpetuity of gray skies’ gloominess. In Nimbus enthralls with this opening one-two punch, emotional and relatable in their depiction of a fading and then dissolved relationship.

Just as bird-chirping and serene vocals to close out “Gray Skies” suggest a sense of renewal and moving on, “Fall In Line” follows with a re-invigoration of love. Chilly keys and mellow vocals combine for a nocturnal appeal, with lyrical references to dark streets and late-night parties furthering the intoxicating soundscape. “Driving dark streets,” the vocals let out, wholly contemplative and hypnotic as various vocal layers assemble alongside. “Here We Go…” concludes the EP with a bouncy affirmation of resilience, persevering through heartbreak and growing into one’s 20s. GL Smoov impresses with an atmospheric, emotive soulfulness on the In Nimbus EP.

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