Jesse Lynn Madera – “Last Call” (feat. Dan Navarro)


A hypnotic folk collaboration from Jesse Lynn Madera and Dan Navarro, “Last Call” meshes a stirring vocal duet with an assortment of twangy guitars and tender piano tones. Representing the second track from Madera’s upcoming project Speed of Sound, “Last Call” was initially intended to feature interchanging vocals — though evolved later in a duet. “Our voices blended so well that we just ran with it for the entire song,” Madera says.

Born from Navarro’s guitar chord progression, the track grew into a heartfelt tale of a couple with an unbreakable love, even across long distances. “Last call of the evening, first call of the morning,” the duet begins, capturing how a loving relationship can be both the end and beginning. The moody, patient verses evolve into the “you never notice me,” yearning — though reaffirming “I’ll still be the first call in the morning.” “Last Call” is a stirring success from Jesse Lynn Madera and Dan Navarro.

“Getting to write a song with Dan was a gift,” Madera explains. “Not only did he co-write my first favorite song ‘We Belong’ with his late partner Eric Lowen, but he also brought such a kind, unguarded presence to the work we did together. I’m proud of this song. His guitar melody opened up a world in my mind, and the lyrics appeared. It’s not always so easy. Dan is magic.”

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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