K4LT – “This Room (Reprise)”


An immersive hybrid of moody post-punk, Krautrock intrigue, and synth-laden haunts stir on “This Room (Reprise),” a new single from Berlin-based artist K4LT. “The song is about the experience of more and more of your friends (and probably yourself too a bit) turn into modern day hermits, giving up on parts of life like relationships or having fun in life at all,” K4LT explains. The track title itself pays homage to several influences — notably “The Room” by The Notwist, alongside references to “Swim and Sleep” from UMO and “Paper Boats” from Nada Surf.

K4LT caught our ears last year with the single “LCPD,” and “This Room (Reprise)” is certainly a compelling follow-up. This new single embraces a darkwave nostalgia as well, though with a brisker energy. These two recent singles in general show a departure from 2021 EP Endgame and its more rock-forward aesthetic.

The nonchalant vocal delivery and rhyming lyricism complement a bass-y post-punk pulse, as hazy synth-touched warbles assemble alongside. “Tidal forces and a frown, oh fatigue, common noun,” the vocals open, as the textured backing traverses to a bass-heavy solitude and then glimmering doses of keys. The hypnotic rhythmic pulse, steady vocals, and atmospheric instrumentation combine for a stellar sucess from K4LT.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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