Mario Vayne – “Electric”


Developing seamlessly from heartfelt balladry into rousing ’80s rock nostalgia, “Electric” is an anthemic stirrer from Mario Vayne, a singer/songwriter based in Queensland, Australia. Following the ample success of debut single “Baby,” which attracted over 200,000 Spotify streams, “Electric” continues the artist’s evident momentum — furthering a knack for hook-y invigoration. The lyrics stir in their call for unity — emphasizing the power of people coming together as one — into a fervent title-referencing chorus.

Previously the frontman of various bands across the UK and Australia, Mario took a break from music, though returned in the autumn of 2018 — and has been ascending since then, now with the rousing single “Electric” and its accompanying music video, above. The video is heady, with electricity descending upon a charged-up recording studio session; it’s an apt visual accompaniment to a track whose energy is palpable throughout, journeying cohesively from the “open your eyes,” psych-friendly verses into the anthemic vigor in the central hook. “Electric” continues a stellar return to music for Mario Vayne.

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