Phil Gammage – ‘Redeemed’

Redeemed is the newest album from New York-based artist Phil Gammage, whose bluesy rock and folk sound is propelled by rich lyrical narratives and dynamic pursuits — from the hauntingly psychedelic balladry of “Messages from the Grave” to the southern rock ‘n’ roll heat within “Johnny Lee.”

“Good Place” opens the album with a warming sound, as playful keys, warming organs, and frolicking acoustics guide into debonair vocals. “It’s a good place to fall in love,” the vocals stir within the charismatic rise. Seamless alternation between subdued narratives and rousing soaring makes for a compelling kick-off to Redeemed. “Right On” follows with a bluesy immersion; harmonica leads into a wary vocal presence, telling the tale of a man “who made the evening news,” with perilous escapades. The artist’s knack for personality-filled songwriting continues here and throughout Redeemed.

Another highlight comes in the album’s title track, showing a soulful gospel inspiration alongside a traditional folk enamoring. The “devil’s waiting,” opening and quest for self-introspection compel into the “now I’ll be redeemed,” catharsis; check out its music video here. “Messages from the Grave” captivates with a ghostlier sparseness, also touting a music video, while “The Rain” concludes the album in enthralling form. Twangy guitars and hazy organs complement a nostalgic vocal dreaminess, with bouncy piano adding further to the infectious, throwback quality. Redeemed shows an abundance of quality songwriting from Phil Gammage.

“The Rain” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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