Six Singles from Niro Knox

The past year witnessed a consistent release of compelling singles from Niro Knox, spanning from the heavy rock intensity of “Bad Times” to the soaring perseverance conveyed in the most recent release, “Save Me.” Knox’s debut album is set to arrive later this year, marking the culmination of over two decades of writing and performing music. His guitar work and involvement in bands like King Lizard in London and KilliT have been significant contributors to London’s music scene.

“I’m kind of simple-minded, just trying to play this game,” debonair vocals admit alongside grimy guitar distortion on “Bad Times,” which initiated this stream of singles last year. The riveting chorus, “bad times keep on rolling,” seamlessly traverses from the aggressive onslaught in the verses to a melodically anthemic hook. “I Won’t Let You Down” showcases Knox’s balladry abilities, commiserating on “falling apart,” accompanied by tender guitar tones and heartrending vocal passion. Knox declares, “I am not afraid; I’m here to stay,” into a satisfying rock-forward mid-point.

A no-frills rock energy emanates from “I Don’t Care,” exuding a scathing infectiousness, while “I Don’t Believe You” channels ’80s nostalgia with its chugging guitar work and smitten lyricism, proclaiming, “you are the better part of me.” The ensuing chorus, “all I wanna do is run to you,” proves firmly replay-inducing. The rising rock theatrics of “Love Me Back” and the suavely melodic soaring of “Save Me” represent Knox’s most recent forays, achieving a strong 6-for-6 in terms of memorable singles released thus far.

Stream the tracks, below:

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