Trine Jørck – ‘Other Shades of Love’ EP

Following success in various other projects (JØRCK, Aesther & Nymalet), Danish singer/songwriter Trine Jørck makes her solo artist debut with the Other Shades of Love EP. Its four songs traverse the complexities of love, ranging from the radiant hookiness of opening track “Hollywood Hills” to the ghostly folk introspection “Limbo,” capturing the sense of a relationship running out of time. Anthemic pop/rock pursuits intertwine cohesively with a haunting singer/songwriter appeal throughout this gripping EP.

Ruminating guitars develop with anticipation on “Hollywood Hills,” crafting a melodic pulse with folk-pop sentimentality. Glistening guitar jangles and rising vocals build into a fantastic central hook — “it gave me hopes for something new,” — as multiple vocal layers and gliding guitars combine gorgeously. The approachable, airy rock/pop sound and lush vocal entrancement here reminds fondly of the duo Tennis. The subsequent “Just A Game” follows, admitting that “I have to leave,” and coming to terms with the “I can’t believe love’s just a game,” acknowledgement; the fusing of sullen guitars and twinkling piano sends chills. The EP kicks off with a phenomenal one-two punch.

The standout “Limbo” casts a dreamier, patient folk unveiling. Accompanied by a riveting music video, the track captures a “dive into the night,” with its spine-tingling vocal reflections and “running out of time, lovers in an endless line,” sense of foreboding. The video’s grainy footage, and artful re-creation of lines like “waiting by the window,” adds to the immersive, emotive songwriting, on display throughout Trine Jørck’s captivating Other Shades of Love EP.

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