Waxy Shellac and the Tasteless Apples – “Hard To Love”


Massachusetts-based band Waxy Shellac and the Tasteless Apples make a point in conversation that they’re “Hard To Love,” on this memorable new track, one of many highlights on their recently featured album, Shelf Life. Suave guitar work, witty vocal introspection, and a timeless-feeling rock drive enamor on this success from the band, which is primarily a studio project helmed by Fred Meltzer, aka Waxy Shellac.

Alongside The Tasteless Apples, which is a supporting cast of musicians, Meltzer leads a riveting rock sound throughout Shelf Life. “Hard To Love” is enjoyably indicative of the quality. “You better bring some game, and remember my name,” a confident vocal rise commences, traversing enjoyably into the bluesy, smooth title-touting refrain. The “wait just a minute, what makes you think you’re gonna walk away?” shift dazzles alongside debonair guitar tones, with shades of Dire Straits. “Hard To Love” is a stellar showing from Waxy Shellac and the Tasteless Apples.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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